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Gender Mosaic is a scientific inquiry and a wild ride into the human brain. Prof. Daphna Joel from Tel-Aviv university asserts that unlike what some scientists would have us believe, the brain isn’t male or female. While men and women are different in some ways, Dr. Joel’s research shows that our brains form an intricate mosaic - a unique set of constantly changing female and male characteristics.

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Coming soon! The Gender Mosaic’s website will be available starting March 2022.

The Gender Mosaic’s upcoming website will be opening Prof. Joel’s Gender Mosaic Questionnaire to the wider public for the first time. Participants will receive a unique peek into their own personal gender mosaic and watch it come to life in real color.

People who join the waiting list will receive a link to Prof. Joel’s Gender Mosaic Questionnaire when the Gender Mosaic website goes live.

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Prof. Joel’s faculty website

Praise for the Gender Mosaic book

“This is a fantastic book. It is one of the best books about sex, gender, biology, and the brain—and the social implications of these issues— that I have ever read”

- Prof. Rebecca Bigler, Goodreads

“Gender Mosaic takes you on a fascinating scientific journey that will transform what you think about sex, gender, and the brain”

- Prof. Cordelia Fine

“The Gender Mosaic, destroys the warped science that claimed to have located the gender binary inside our skulls”


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